On that exact kind of promise

Something I’ve never done well is maintain a blog. It is the exact kind of promise I know I cannot keep, because I embrace and attract chaos like Norm Macdonald attracts late-night show hosts. And yet, for once in my life, that chaos is not so consuming that I am completely without. Instead, the world around me struggles; we are now two weeks into shutdowns of non-essential businesses and the world is already reeling from the self-imposed isolation.

I’m not exempt from that. I need to communicate with people just like everyone else. I’d like what I have to say, to have meaning, but I also know that that can’t always be the case. So instead, I will aim to capture a stream of consciousness with this blog — and it is a blog — in the form of FPV videos, rants and discussions, and blog posts describing how to build different things I will be showing off in the coming months.

In a time where hobbies become skills, inspiring people and teaching them is probably the best I have to offer. And so… I make that exact kind of promise I know I shouldn’t make. A promise to anyone who reads this that I will, if nothing else, try to help should you have any questions.

Let’s maiden this voyage.

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