Small Ripples

I won’t be using Twitter anymore; at least, not in the capacity I once did. A good friend, who probably doesn’t deserve the shit I give him, suggested I focus on the small ripples, and after hearing more than one YouTuber for whom I have respect discussing Twitter’s move to the Fediverse’s protocols, it just seems like the right time.

I know I’ve done this before, and even failed at it a few times. The same could be said for my blogs, but I haven’t deleted this one yet. Slowly but surely, this will turn into my business card; or at least, the closest thing to a business card I would be willing to have. And with it, an instance of Pleroma to host where I can be reached on the Fediverse.

These won’t be the only ways to reach me, but it’s better if I don’t overwhelm myself to start. A blog and a microblog, with links I’ll post to Twitter until Twitter users can subscribe to me, is the perfect starting point. Once it’s all set up I’ll add a “Contact” page here on the blog, and pin that

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