Pair of Sevens

This was originally written as a thread on Twitter; I have brought it over here and given it light editing to improve the readability.

Why doesn’t this country have a No Confidence clause associated with being a directly-elected official?

Let’s take a moment to look forward, in the worst way possible. Let’s skip ahead to 20 Jan 2021. Biden’s hand is on the Bible, with Hillary Clinton standing behind him.

And while everyone can hear the Judge reading his lines, and Biden reciting after him, keen-eyed individuals near the front of the relatively-small swearing in ceremony will notice that Ol’ Sleepy Joe’s lips aren’t moving.

I hope I’ve set the tone.

Given the current trajectory, it would not be surprising if the Reflecting Pool became an occupied protest — and those doing the occupation would not be cheering for ol’ Joe. They have squared their eyes on “the system”, nebulous as it may be, as their enemy. Will DC abandon their police? It’s hard to tell at this point. 4 weeks ago I would have thought it crazy, but now… I just don’t know enough. But the swearing-in ceremony is entirely for show; no one actually cares who the President is. All their concerns are very local.

Not local in a political way; no, the police themselves have lost faith in the system because the social contract they thought they held with their district attourneys had been made null and void with the Rolfe case, and the many that followed it. People will be concerned with defending themselves, despite attempting to go on with their lives as normal. Businesses are tenacious creatures; humans doubly so. But if the “social contract” between police and district attourney is voided, then the same can be said for citizen/cop.

It is not the flower children who have declared occupation in these cities; these are permanent-children, stupefied by education and crippled by overprotection. The so-called “summer of love” won’t end because school starts — School is “the system.” There’s no point in attempting to blame a generation. Everyone’s at fault; just like at the end of the Chinese Civil War, the failings of one side are compounded by the patience of the other. There have been shitty parents, shitty schools, shitty leaders, and shitty individuals.

But once the swearing-in ceremony ends, there’s no reason to play along with the useful idiots who made it possible to take, not just power, but power on a scale unimaginable to our founding fathers.

The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.

Of course, this is all hyperbole. This is intentionally looking for the worst possible outcome. I don’t want any of this to happen. I’m just playing the racist’s advocate. But I consider it important to consider, nonetheless.

The average person is relatively disconnected. If CNN or Fox doesn’t say it, they’re probably not going to hear it. And even then, some communities forego that for verbal traditions, even to this day. It’s quite beautiful, in its own way. So what happens when these riots make it to the deep Irish neighborhoods, or the Barrios? These aren’t people traditionally associated with freely allowing aggro people to out-aggro them.

There’s not two sides. There’s hundreds.

No matter who holds the presidency, the revolutions and counter-revolutions will have already begun — and it won’t merely be revolutionaries against counter-revolutionaries. Alliances might be made, but look at the Middle East if you want an example of a worst-case possibility. Where’s the Army in all of this? Well, speaking to the President — or at least, the person in the room cognizant enough to speak without drooling. Because, in my worst case projection, the Democrats have become the kings of a sad little hill that is burning down beneath them.

And they’re not nearly as worried about changing the meanings of words to fundamentally alter the Constitution, so why would a pesky little thing like the 3rd Amendment get in their way? They must take back their fiefdom from the so-declared terrorists, after all.

I say all this to say, I genuinely don’t know what’s coming next. All I do know is that none of our leaders deserve their position. When I say none of our leaders, I mean none.

The Republican Legislators have been utterly toothless. They neither press their powers to the limits nor work creatively and effectively within the law to protect their constituencies.

The Democratic and Independent Legislators have, in the best light, kowtowed to the leaderless Great Leap Forward being perpetrated literally in their districts, and in the worst light, actively subverted this country for almost a decade.

And Trump… he’s the biggest let-down of them all. The moment we had two nation-shaking problems occur at the same time, he folded like a pair of sevens. Now, I’ve been avoiding news about the Rally, intentionally, because it is sensational for all sides. Trump has an opportunity at this rally to rudder the ship; and at these rallies he has proven the ability to do so. They have always been his strongest weapon, and lock-downs have ensured such a thing couldn’t happen. Did he think of a creative solution?

Pair. Of. Sevens.

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