Haunted House

A Homeless Halloween for Those Who Need It Most

There’s an electricity within the shelter tonight, an energy I haven’t felt in any other facility like this. Despite the rather dire environment, a different kind of mask is being worn in the halls. We’ve all come together to give the children in the shelter a Halloween trick-or-treating experience; we are each sitting in offices and rooms with bowls of candy, the children have costumes made of pyjamas and hand-made masks, and hot-dogs, hamburgers, and cupcakes are waiting in the kitchen for afterwards.

The Dorm of a Women's Shelter

Defend against the Homeless Shelter of the Mind

Life in a homeless shelter is often described as humbling by those blessed to not require its services, but humbling doesn’t seem quite right from the view inside; watching mothers with children do their best to maintain discipline and productive…

Google Starbucks Wifi

The Joy of Programming (while Homeless)

Programming while homeless is a feat. Software development these days is heavily dependent on an active internet connection. Need documentation? Well, it’s online. Need to grab a library to accomplish a specific task? Your package managers won’t cache those libraries from previous uses, and they’re going to attempt an HTTP GET to find them.

Homeless woman sleeping on bench

Direct Message: A Return to Homelessness

When I created the Direct Messages category, I had originally meant it for personal and direct writings which do not fit my more editorial, AP style-guide formatted articles. I had no idea it would end up being the best category…

Homeless man in Toronto

Professor Erin Dej: Homeless Men Are Oppressors Too

For one feminist professor, the fight against the partriarchy has not gone far enough. So she took to the streets, in order to determine just how oppressive one of the most vulnerable populations in Canada, homeless men, really are. No,…