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The Growing Heat of an Old, Cold Civil War

Carl Bernstein says the Russia investigation and divided news media has driven us to a cold civil war. But this ignores 60 years of evolving division. We are a nation of cold and civil war; it is through agreeing to disagree that we have become what we are today — for better or for worse.

Is the Bigger Threat to Our Elections Russia, or Google?

If Google is influencing elections, and hiding their efforts to do so solely because some of the people on a mailing list might be opposed to her actions, it speaks very clearly to their intent. The sharing of this e-mail throughout the company, in the e-mail chain which was leaked to Fox News and Breitbart, further confirms the company’s thoughts on intervening with elections.

Senator Ben Sasse at the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Sen. Ben Sasse’s School House Rock Speech

“It’s predictable that every confirmation hearing now is going to be an overblown, politicized circus and it’s because we’ve accepted a new theory about how our three branches of government should work, and in particular how the Judiciary should work. What Supreme Court confirmation hearings should be about is an opportunity to go back and do School House Rock civics for our kids. We should be talking about how a bill becomes a law, and what the job of Article II is, and what the job of Article III is; so, let’s try, just a little bit.”

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Memo: “A Problem with Political Diversity”

“This is not okay. Not just for our internal culture, but for our own viability as a company. While the problem isn’t unique to us, we are entrusted by a great part of the world to be impartial and transparent carriers of people’s stories, ideas, and commentary.” — Brian Amerige, Facebook

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Social Media Algorithms are Biased Against Conservatives

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google hide their biases behind claims of “impartial” algorithms — but are the algorithms really impartial? Many within these companies would tell you no. But after doing so, they often find themselves having to delete their posts explaining how their company’s bias affects their systems and decisions.

Michael Cohen outside court

The Michael Cohen Plea: Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

President Trump’s “fixer” and attorney, Michael Cohen, has plead guilty to six charges of felony fraud and two charges of campaign finance violations. This much everyone agrees upon. But what does it mean? On its surface, Cohen’s plea bargain reaffirms…

Jack Dorsey

Stop Lying: Alex Jones Did Not Make a “Call to Action”

Twitter has suspended Alex Jones from using their platform for 7 days, after his call for viewers to “get [their] battle rifles ready, because they’re coming” in a recent Periscope stream. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has described this…

Speech bubble

Medium’s Deplatforming of Mike Cernovich

This article was originally published to Medium on February 23, 2018. In light of the deplatforming of Alex Jones and Jay Dyer, it seems now to have been quite prescient., a blogging and writing platform used by many to…

Homeless man in Toronto

Professor Erin Dej: Homeless Men Are Oppressors Too

For one feminist professor, the fight against the partriarchy has not gone far enough. So she took to the streets, in order to determine just how oppressive one of the most vulnerable populations in Canada, homeless men, really are. No,…

Peter Strzok

Strzok Has Been Fired, But Not Over Text Messages

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich has fired agent Peter Strzok, but contrary to the Washington Post article’s assertion, it wasn’t because of text messages. The article provides no evidence for the assertion; but this hasn’t stopped every media outlet in…