Memory-Holed: The Greater Male Variability Hypothesis

There are few conversations more dangerous, more riddled with landmines, than the seemingly innocuous subject of sexual dimorphism. Despite mountains of evidence, ideologues in pursuit of equity will go so far as to say that not even biological differences exist…

Sustained Moral Panic

Sustained Moral Panic: The Weapon of a Dying News Media

Though often used to describe years-long processes of society-wide concern, moral panics in and of themselves are relatively volatile and short-lived. They can only last as long as the media and policy-makers can hold the public’s attention; but when multiple topics of concern are connected together under an umbrella of politics or ideology, a sustained moral panic can be carried out for years.

Asia Argento

#MeToo, not for #TheeToo: Asia Argento and Hypocrisy

Asia Argento ’s current claim to fame may come from standing up to Harvey Weinstein, but she too must pay off her sexual assault victims in order to keep them quiet. For those who increased their fame and power through…

The Media & White Supremacy: A Love Story

The Media & White Supremacy: A Mutually-Beneficial Relationship

News outlets across the country have dedicated themselves in the last two weeks to broadcasting and publishing daily articles in condemnation of President Trump, the “alt-right”, and today’s Unite the Right rally. But despite their harsh words, the common enemy…

Alex Jones and YouTube

The Censorship of Alex Jones is the Real “War on the Press”

Transcript: Despite the incessant whining of billion-dollar mainstream media conglomerates, who call President Trump’s criticisms of their dishonest and censorious practices a “War on the Press”, the banning and censorship of Alex Jones on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify reveals…