The FBI’s “Media Leak Strategy” is Information Laundering

Peter Strzok in Congress

Rep. Mark Meadows has published two letters sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, this week, addressing the corrupt “media leak strategy” employed by FBI and DOJ officials including Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The strategy entails leaking carefully-chosen classified information to press contacts who share the officers’ political interests, with the interest of having the information published and attributed to misleading anonymous source titles, such as “anonymous senior officials,” or “figures close to the matter.” These publications are then used by the FBI and DOJ as corroborating evidence when applying for warrants, justifying ongoing investigations, and more. The articles are presented as a second source of information, when in reality it is the same information, laundered through the press to appear as a second source disconnected from the FBI’s own. This represents a gross injustice which erodes due process and threatens the privacy and rights of any American with whom FBI officials might disagree, or desire to target for personal or political reasons.

It’s not the first time this sort of information laundering has been brought to the attention of the Justice Department. The now-famed “Steele dossier” was given the same laundering process by Christopher Steele, who violated FBI procedure in leaking the information found in the dossier to Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff, allowing the FBI to use Isikoff’s publication alongside the Steele dossier to justify the four FISA warrants against Carter Page. The source of the information was Steele in both cases, but through anonymization they were able to manipulate the FISA Court into believing multiple sources were confirming the contents of the largely-false dossier.

And this appears this is a common practice of the DNC, and within the FBI and DOJ. More than 65 members of the press have had very comfortable relationships with the DNC under Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Hillary Clinton, and were frequently treated to bribes in the form of tickets to sporting events, lavish dinners, access to private events, and more in exchange for publishing favourable information for Clinton’s campaign and lies regarding Republican candidates throughout and before the 2016 election campaign season. Likewise, the FBI and DOJ have maintained “sources” within the mainstream media who will reliably publish leaked information for the purposes of laundering and attacking political opponents, in exchange for access to otherwise classified and secured sources within the Justice Department and its officers. Such relationships are, by their very nature, corruption of the highest order, and destroy the trust of the American people in their government’s functionaries and the press which is supposed to hold the government to account.

As more and more information is extricated from the unwilling hands of the Justice Department, it only becomes clearer to what extent corrupt methods are employed by people within it. Rep. Mark Meadows’ recent letter to Rosenstein is just the latest revelation in a long string of events leading back as far as 2015, exposing how the US Government less and less exists to serve the American people, instead serving an oligarchy of elected and unelected authorities who will use arms like the FBI to assert that authority against anyone with whom they disagree. This erosion of due process and justice, for the purpose of promoting misinformation and violations of citizens rights, should never have been allowed to get as far as it has; but the mainstream media complicit in this erosion of due process and promulgation of false news refuses to address the subject.

After all, they are given authority and power through it. In the eyes of these biased and corrupt journalists, it’s in their best interests to maintain such a corrupt system, and in the eyes of the biased and corrupt DOJ and FBI officials, it’s in their best interest to maintain the system in order to maintain authority and power.