The Michael Cohen Plea: Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

Michael Cohen outside court

President Trump’s “fixer” and attorney, Michael Cohen, has plead guilty to six charges of felony fraud and two charges of campaign finance violations. This much everyone agrees upon. But what does it mean? On its surface, Cohen’s plea bargain reaffirms the collusion narrative which has been carried for two years. Most reporters and news anchors would say it means Trump’s winning has come to an end. Experts in campaign finance law, however, stand to disagree.

The charges against Michael Cohen were brought up as a result of Robert Mueller’s investigations into possible collusion between Russia and President Trump. The infamous “Steele dossier” alleged that Cohen had traveled to Europe on several occasions to meet with Russians; allegations which, among so much of the rest of the dossier, were proven false. But Cohen’s entire life was put under a microscope in the process of investigating those claims. He was squeezed for every drop of information that could be extracted from him, whether it had anything to do with the Russia investigation or not. They found $1.4 million worth of tax evasion and two non-disclosure agreements made with women with whom the President had had affairs. The tax evasion is undeniably a crime, but were the pay-offs?

The short answer is no. Regardless of Michael Cohen’s statements that these women were paid at then-candidate Trump’s direction, they were paid from Cohen’s personal accounts, and Cohen was reimbursed by Trump from his personal accounts; no campaign finances were involved.

Partisan Games, Played by Losers

It’s as if we’re in 1998 all over again. Prosecutors are creating new crimes, and turning legal actions into illegal actions in the eyes of the public, for the purpose of ‘getting’ a politician they hate. Because Mueller will never able to show that Trump colluded with Russians in regards to the 2016 elections, he has instead moved on to finding any connection with wrongdoing, no matter how tenuous. Michael Cohen had already turned against his former client; he threw attorney-client privilege out the window by recording conversations with the President in which Cohen did all he could to entrap him. He even hired an attorney many consider to be one of the most corrupt individuals in Washington, Lanny Davis, who ironically has Russian connections of his own, according to Foreign Agent Registration Act forms from 2014 and 2016.

But for all the uncorked champagne bottles being chugged by the media and corrupt Democrats over these legal victories, the goal they seek will not be reached. The case for impeachment is still a far cry from possible. Even if everything Michael Cohen said were true, recourse would not be impeachment; standard procedure here would be for the Federal Elections Commission to investigate, and in the event they discovered that Trump had violated campaign finance laws, they would issue him a fine, just as they had with Obama, with John Edwards, with Bill Clinton, and so on. 

David Warrington, a Republican attorney who formerly worked with the Trump campaign, said he believes prosecutors may have sought Cohen’s plea to the campaign finance counts to help special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Robert Mueller’s investigations may have turned up financial crimes which had nothing to do with the President, but with every passing day it only becomes clearer that the “collusion probe” has little to do with collusion.

The Uncomfortable Truth

Meanwhile, no special counsel has been appointed to investigate the collusion we know has happened. The only reason Michael Cohen was investigated in the first place, was because of a fabricated dossier penned by a foreign spy, Christopher Steele, paid for by a Democratic law firm, Perkins Coie, and distributed both to the FBI and the press by an opposition research group, Fusion GPS, all of whom have direct connections with Hillary Clinton,  Russian oligarchs and spies. There is no question to whether paying foreign spies to perform opposition research in Russia constitutes violations of campaign finance laws; and yet, no investigation has been squeezing every drop of information out of every member of the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, and Christopher Steele.

Why? It won’t help anyone impeach Trump.

The media, the Democrats, and the Never-Trump Republicans have grown so disconnected from the American people, that they have no idea how much damage they are doing to themselves by continuing this charade. While wealthy Hillary supporters might appreciate having their biases confirmed within their bubble, the average truck driver, farmer, or restaurant wait-staff could care less about this investigation. Their taxes were cut, their job opportunities were increased, and their president made it happen. And come November, the votes will prove it, as they have through so many primaries and caucuses so far this year.