Strzok Has Been Fired, But Not Over Text Messages

Peter Strzok

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich has fired agent Peter Strzok, but contrary to the Washington Post article’s assertion, it wasn’t because of text messages.

The article provides no evidence for the assertion; but this hasn’t stopped every media outlet in the country from running with the same headline. The FBI has not commented on Strzok’s firing. Aiten Goelman, Strzok’s attorney, has made no allusion to anti-Trump tweets in his statement to the press, either; he places the blame on “political pressure.” At this time, the reason for Strzok’s firing is unknown, and anyone who states otherwise is doing so without evidence.

Strzok was originally stripped of his security clearance, demoted, and placed on a 60-day suspension on June 19th, five days after the release of the Inspector General’s report which concluded that Strzok’s text messages undermined the reputation of the FBI, and went “to the heart of the FBI’s reputation for neutral fact-finding and political independence,” however could not conclusively determine whether bias motivated any of Strzok’s official actions regarding the Trump/Russia investigation.

Bowdich’s decision from Friday seems to suggest that the FBI thinks otherwise. Strzok’s suspension left him manning a Human Resources desk for the last two months, under careful watch of both the FBI and its attorneys. An internal investigation into Strzok’s actions has been pursued by the Bureau, and though no results of this disciplinary investigation have been released, Strzok’s firing speaks to a change in the information being held by the Directors and investigators.

Peter Strzok’s involvement with so many of the scandals facing the FBI, however, puts him directly in the headlights of Inspector General David Horowitz, who is due to release his report on the Clinton campaign’s involvement in the funding and producing of the Steele dossier and its role in abuses of the FISA Court. As Strzok’s text messages imply that the FISA warrants represented an “insurance policy” against Donald Trump should he become President, what we know about Strzok so far is only the tip of the iceberg.

It is safe to say that when the next IG report is released, text messages will be the least of our worries, and information regarding real crimes committed by Strzok and others in the FBI will become public information.