China and Google

Google China will Link Searches to Phone Numbers

New leaks regarding Google China and “Project Dragonfly” reveal just how much support for China’s human rights violations Google is providing. Such arrogance on the part of the single largest internet company does not bode well for anyone.

ThinkProgress' Judd Legum

What the Censorship of ThinkProgress Tells Us

Bill Kristol’s “The Weekly Standard” has rightly pointed out ThinkProgress’s lies; but should we really be nominating companies to approve censorship? After all, Approved censors are still censors, whether they work for an authoritarian government or a corporatist, neoliberal/neoconservative media group.

Memory-Holed: The Greater Male Variability Hypothesis

There are few conversations more dangerous, more riddled with landmines, than the seemingly innocuous subject of sexual dimorphism. Despite mountains of evidence, ideologues in pursuit of equity will go so far as to say that not even biological differences exist…

At Least it's not the Goberment

Google: Beyond Good and “Don’t Be Evil”

Unchecked, companies like Google and Twitter are granted carte blanche to do for governments that which we’d never permit our governments to do: they gather and process data at scales an in manners unprecedented in history, and they execute censorship and narrative control through these mechanisms without a second thought to the ramifications of their decisions.

The Chinese Flag in front of the Google logo

Google’s Plans for China Are Google’s Plans for Everywhere

Google is developing a censored version of their search engine for China, according to documents obtained by The Intercept. The internet search giant has been working in secret to develop a search app that is compliant with China’s repressive censorship…

Jack Dorsey

Stop Lying: Alex Jones Did Not Make a “Call to Action”

Twitter has suspended Alex Jones from using their platform for 7 days, after his call for viewers to “get [their] battle rifles ready, because they’re coming” in a recent Periscope stream. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has described this…

Alex Jones and YouTube

The Censorship of Alex Jones is the Real “War on the Press”

Transcript: Despite the incessant whining of billion-dollar mainstream media conglomerates, who call President Trump’s criticisms of their dishonest and censorious practices a “War on the Press”, the banning and censorship of Alex Jones on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify reveals…