China and Google

Google China will Link Searches to Phone Numbers

New leaks regarding Google China and “Project Dragonfly” reveal just how much support for China’s human rights violations Google is providing. Such arrogance on the part of the single largest internet company does not bode well for anyone.

Hillary Clinton at a 2015 Congressional Hearing

China Hacked Clinton’s E-mail Server, Sources Say

Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server was compromised by operatives¬† in a Chinese-owned company working out of Washington, DC, according to sources at the Daily Caller.

A Chinese soldier

CIA Failures Lead to 30 Spies Killed in China

For nearly a decade, a dark cloud has hung over the CIA. Under the Obama Administration, the Agency thought itself invincible; but more than thirty intelligence officers being killed in China proved them wrong. In the fall of 2010, the…

The Chinese Flag in front of the Google logo

Google’s Plans for China Are Google’s Plans for Everywhere

Google is developing a censored version of their search engine for China, according to documents obtained by The Intercept. The internet search giant has been working in secret to develop a search app that is compliant with China’s repressive censorship…