Peter Strzok in Congress

The FBI’s “Media Leak Strategy” is Information Laundering

The FBI has a “media leak strategy” — they leak misinformation to the press as “anonymous sources,” and use the articles as proof their lies are true. This abuse of the system allows them to circumvent protections against undue search and seizure, obtain illegal warrants and wiretaps, and more — all because their target is a political opponent

A Chinese soldier

CIA Failures Lead to 30 Spies Killed in China

For nearly a decade, a dark cloud has hung over the CIA. Under the Obama Administration, the Agency thought itself invincible; but more than thirty intelligence officers being killed in China proved them wrong. In the fall of 2010, the…

Peter Strzok

Strzok Has Been Fired, But Not Over Text Messages

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich has fired agent Peter Strzok, but contrary to the Washington Post article’s assertion, it wasn’t because of text messages. The article provides no evidence for the assertion; but this hasn’t stopped every media outlet in…