China and Google

Google China will Link Searches to Phone Numbers

New leaks regarding Google China and “Project Dragonfly” reveal just how much support for China’s human rights violations Google is providing. Such arrogance on the part of the single largest internet company does not bode well for anyone.

Thomas Paine's "Rights of Man"

Stop Conflating Free Speech and the First Amendment

Freedom of speech existed long before the Constitution, long before Thomas Paine. It is a natural right, a human right, and one social media should respect. No one should be silenced; it destroys our ability to grow as a society, and to learn as a p

Jack Dorsey

Stop Lying: Alex Jones Did Not Make a “Call to Action”

Twitter has suspended Alex Jones from using their platform for 7 days, after his call for viewers to “get [their] battle rifles ready, because they’re coming” in a recent Periscope stream. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has described this…