Haunted House

A Homeless Halloween for Those Who Need It Most

There’s an electricity within the shelter tonight, an energy I haven’t felt in any other facility like this. Despite the rather dire environment, a different kind of mask is being worn in the halls. We’ve all come together to give the children in the shelter a Halloween trick-or-treating experience; we are each sitting in offices and rooms with bowls of candy, the children have costumes made of pyjamas and hand-made masks, and hot-dogs, hamburgers, and cupcakes are waiting in the kitchen for afterwards.

Google Starbucks Wifi

The Joy of Programming (while Homeless)

Programming while homeless is a feat. Software development these days is heavily dependent on an active internet connection. Need documentation? Well, it’s online. Need to grab a library to accomplish a specific task? Your package managers won’t cache those libraries from previous uses, and they’re going to attempt an HTTP GET to find them.

Homeless woman sleeping on bench

Direct Message: A Return to Homelessness

When I created the Direct Messages category, I had originally meant it for personal and direct writings which do not fit my more editorial, AP style-guide formatted articles. I had no idea it would end up being the best category…