Is the Bigger Threat to Our Elections Russia, or Google?

If Google is influencing elections, and hiding their efforts to do so solely because some of the people on a mailing list might be opposed to her actions, it speaks very clearly to their intent. The sharing of this e-mail throughout the company, in the e-mail chain which was leaked to Fox News and Breitbart, further confirms the company’s thoughts on intervening with elections.

Hillary Clinton at a 2015 Congressional Hearing

China Hacked Clinton’s E-mail Server, Sources Say

Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server was compromised by operatives¬† in a Chinese-owned company working out of Washington, DC, according to sources at the Daily Caller.


Strontium is not the Threat to Democracy; Ignorance Is

Microsoft has successfully executed a court order which transfers to them the control of six domain names, which the company alleges were created by the hacker group known as “Strontium” for the purposes of spreading disinformation about the Republican Party,…