The First Message in the Bottle

Dear Anon,

I hope this finds you well. It's hard to ignore the chaos in the world, but that's partly why writing seemed like such a good idea; it can serve as a distraction, a means to spend the time that isn't work, maintenance, or rest. And in writing, topics that are otherwise harder to discuss in short-form, such as agalmics or personal intelligence systems, can be given the time and attention they deserve. Thankfully, they can be federated as well.

This won't be a long missive, as diving into the topics too early, without giving them the space of their own missives and articles supporting them, would just be silly. No, for now, I will just set up for myself a style of sorts; minimalist, with a hint of memetics to convey the right feeling. Or at least, I hope that's how it comes across.

Oh, and me? I'm sevvie Rose, or at least that's how I've come to be known. You can find me on the fediverse. I hope we can form an appropriate relationship, and benefit each other's individuality and localities.

love, sevvie.